Rebuilding social platforms for good

Ethical Social Group was created out of a vision to transform the landscape of social media forever and give people a positive experience, as well as the safety and control they deserve.

We are rebuilding social platforms by taking all the great parts that are fun, exciting, helpful and putting them in a trusted space within our apps.

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Transforming digital interaction

In recent years, many of the tech giants have treated people as products – weaponising data and personal information to make billions through advertising. They have overstepped the mark by controlling the news, manipulating users and enabling the rise of anti-social and unethical behaviours.

The devastating toll on mental health, the rise of abuse, racism, trolling and bullying coupled with the lack of accountability must be stopped.

The problems created by social media now outweigh the good.

Find out what we are doing about it here.

Reconnecting people properly

Our apps are unique, verified and delivered through trusted technology.

Everybody using our apps is a real person, not someone hiding behind a false identity.

Your data is your data. It will be kept secure and not be shared or sold to advertisers.

We create safe spaces that encourage fun, respect and trust. We tackle anti-social behaviour head-on, through our moderation policies.

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Reconnecting community

Imagine a world with technology helping to bring people together. A place where social connection and community thrives in safe and secure digital spaces which improve quality of life. For this future to flourish, the Ethical Social Group are reconnecting communities with ethical-focused social apps and helping to tackle global issues from loneliness to mental health.

About Ethical Social Group

ESG was founded by a world surging in technological advancement with culture struggling to keep up. Tech can make life easier, cheaper, efficient and connect us all. And yet, it doesn’t feel that way. Because while technology has the power to be a force for good, it can also create more problems than it sets out to solve.

That’s why we banded together. As we transition through the digital age, we believe it’s important to keep everyday people and the environment at the heart of our decisions.

A flourishing future demands change now towards shared responsibility, real connection, and ethical leadership. And this starts with making your choice to take action with us.

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