How it started

ESG, is a UK based tech company that aspires to positively change the landscape of social media for good.

Established in 2019, the company’s founders began by questioning the intrusive nature of the current social platforms currently available and embarked upon their journey to create an alternative.

ESG is delivering a suite of next-generation social applications that place member privacy, security, fun and well-being at the heart of everything it does.

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ESG Our Mission Circles

Our manifesto for change

Be a force for good. We are on a mission to get social media back to being a good, safe place where people’s lives are improved and enhanced.

Real people mean real connections. Through ID verification, our members are ‘who they say they are’ and choose who they connect with, what you post and how it is shared.

Your data is your data. Our apps and products provide a safe and secure space for your personal information where it is not tracked, sold or exploited.

A new era of accountability. Our moderation and community guidelines are very clear about the conduct that will and will not be OK. Our members will be protected from abuse, bullying, discrimination and unlawful behaviour.

Lead the charge for change. Our team are joining the fight to change the world of social media and disrupt the current narrative for the good of today’s society and future generations.

Watch ‘The Social Dilemma’ and it will all make sense!

The Netflix docudrama, ‘The Social Dilemma’, is a hard-hitting exposé about how social media platforms deliberately set out to design their systems to manipulate our thinking, our politics, feed us fake news, and bombard us with ads that we don’t want, by listening into our conversations, without us knowing. It shows how algorithms were written to create addictive behaviour in their users, to keep them hooked like a drug.

The film provides shocking statistics about the rise in self harm, suicides, body image issues, doom scrolling, inciting violence and so on, that can be directly attributed to social media. It concludes with a ‘call for transformation’ – a transformation of enormous proportions in order to save our societies and future generations from further harm before it’s too late.

Ethical Social Group is at the forefront of that transformation, please join us.

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Our manifesto for change

In all our practices and relationships there are some key principles by which ESG will be guided.

To be a force for good – we will set out and abide by core guiding principles based on ethical behaviours across all aspects o our business.

To partner with world-leading technical partners who share our vision and values to develop the game changing technology and processes.

To provide safe and secure social media and lifestyle environments for our members where they can communicate, socialise and connect.

To publish clear community guidelines for interactions and behaviour on our apps to stop abuse, offensive behaviour and harm.

To use effective and trusted ID processes that ensure our members are ‘who they say they are’ and can be held accountable for their actions within our apps.

To protect your data from being tracked and exploited by others without your permission.

To become leaders in the fight against the unethical behaviours being witnessed across social media and to work closely with like minded organisations to make changes for the greater good of today’s society and future generations.

Moving forward together

Tech can make life easier, cheaper, efficient and connect us all. And yet, it doesn’t feel that way. Because while technology has the power to be a force for good, it can also create more problems than it sets out to solve.

That’s why we banded together. As we transition through the digital age, we believe it’s important to keep everyday people and the environment at the heart of our decisions.

A flourishing future demands change now towards shared responsibility, real connection, and ethical leadership. And this starts with making your choice to take action with us.