Graham Pullan

Chief Executive Officer

Graham is the founder and CEO of Ethical Social Group.

He is an experienced business leader and has had considerable experience in enabling business transformation throughout his career. A career which has taken him around the world with high profile roles.

Graham is known for his passion in attracting, mobilising, and working with top talent, building high performing organisations that bring about real change and positively effect people’s lives.

Graham likes nothing more than to challenge the norm and deliver what was once thought to be undeliverable. The platforms being conceived and built by the team at Ethical Social Group are no exception to this, as they are rebuilding social platforms for good.

Graham’s motto in business is – If it doesn’t improve someone’s life, then don’t do it.

Galina Ratcliffe

Chief People Officer

Galina is the companies Chief People Officer and one of the founding members of ESG. In her role, Galina addresses the day-to-day HR operational activities and strongly believes in the importance of creating an inviting and cohesive employee experience and the need to look out for the wellbeing of staff as well as customers.

As part of the senior management team, Galina is responsible for implementing and supporting ESG’s policies and practices. Believing that social media should be a safe place for all and trying to tackle the existing problems like social and political injustices, trolling, and not being sold to the “highest bidder” where personal data and privacy is concerned, brought Galina to join the team of likeminded individuals and be involved from the outset in the creation of the Ethical Social Group.

Galina’s motto is – Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. A principle that Galina believes should resonate in all of us.

Jessica Zeun

Chief Product Officer

Responsible for the development, management and regulation of the various digital products created by ESG.

Jessica was a senior lecturer in Computing at Sheffield Hallam University where she was actively involved in a range of STEM, diversity and tech skills projects. She has an interest in all things tech and is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Internet Society (ISOC).

Prior to joining ESG, Jessica worked in a number of roles across technology and digital marketing. She is passionate about driving change in these sectors and shaping the future of online communications through the use of technology for social good.

As one of the founding members of ESG, Jessica’s strong belief in technology for improving people’s lives is reflected at the core of every product that we produce.

Peter McNab

Chief Talent Development

We are proud to announce Peter as Chief of Talent Development.
Peter’s UK and International career spans over 30 years in Leadership and People Development with many high-level clients such as Tesco, BT, Boots, NHS, University of Manchester. He is a highly respected expert in the field of transforming organisational cultures and performance from boards to individuals.  

Peter is one of only a handful of Master NLP Trainers in the world, alongside the co-creators of NLP.

He is the author of several books including “Towards An Integral Vision”.

Olivia Maclean

Head of Member Engagement and Moderation

Olivia is Head of Moderation and User Engagement and one of the founding members of ESG. In her role she helps to establish and ensure that the tenor of the forum stays true to the company’s core values – honesty, integrity, transparency and kindness.

As a moderator Olivia over-sees member-generated content to help protect the communities using ESG’s apps and resolve any issues that may arise. Her role is to make sure that the tone of voice, topics and substance on our apps stays within our boundaries – in short, she helps make our platforms a safe and fun environment to engage in.

Olivia’s motivation for working for ESG is her drive to change Social forever and make it the amazing forum it can, and should, be. A strong belief that people should be in control of their own data and have a right to privacy is a strong motivator. Olivia loves interacting with people and finds it a privilege to be part of the User Engagement team and help keep improving our member’s experience on our apps.

Olivia’s motto is that kindness makes the world go round, she hopes that through positive member engagement she can help bring a little more kindness into the world.

Claire Heseltine

Chief Client Officer

Responsible for supporting the ESG brand and marketing team to generate brand awareness through agreed channels.

Assisting in producing content and advice on campaigns.

Recruiting a Council of Brand Ambassadors to positively represent the ESG brand, values and manifesto.

To provide feedback and innovative insight for the ESG Senior management team to aid development and ensure continuous improvement of the products.

Represent the brand positively to build a strong, long term relationship with press, business and user/member communities built on trust and credibility.